3 Books Skeena, Bogdan & Babine + 1 Year FlyFishing & Tying Journal

3 Books Skeena, Bogdan & Babine + 1 Year FlyFishing & Tying Journal

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Skeena Steelhead by R. S. Hooton $34.95 softbound

The Skeena River and its famous tributaries host many of the largest wild steelhead in North America. The Skeena River is situated in British Columbia and features such famous rivers as the Kispiox, Morice, Babine, Copper, Bulkley and Sustat. It is the Olympics of steelhead fishing.

Author Bob Hooton was its fisheries biologist for several decades and devoted his life to protecting its majestic steelhead and salmon waters from pollution, logging, commercial gill-net fishing and other harmful developments. His oversize book is a 90,000 word treatise on what it takes from an individual to stop or slow down the forces threatening our streams and their steelhead and salmon! Truly a remarkable book for all steelhead trout lovers.

Bogdan by Graydon R. Hilyard hardbound, oversized $59.95

Bogdan fly reels are considered by many to be the most famous trout, salmon and steelhead fly reels. Created by its namesake Stan Bogdan, this gloriously illustrated and printed over-size book will give you hours of pleasure as you feel the river tugging at your waders as cast after cast you swing your fly. Author Graydon Hilyard treats you to an incredible fishing journey with words, art, photographs, and
paintings and very fishy charactors.

Babine by Pierce Clegg & Peter McMullan hardbound, oversized $49.95

The Babine is a wonderous steelhead river celebrated in hundreds of stories about great bears, huge wild steelhead, screaming reels, and steelheading nuts. Its high degree of inaccessibility, both economic and geographic wise, has mostly protected it from the encroachment of sport fishing. This is a very intimate story of one of the two famous steelhead fishing lodges on the Babine.