Sawyer Cross Cut 2-Piece Whitewater IK Paddle

Whitewater Paddles with serious class and capability.

Now available in longer lengths that can accommodate inflatable kayaks (due to the difference in width between standard & inflatable kayaks). These paddles look phenomenal and deliver in every performance sense. Classy elements of Sawyer prowess with modern technology...the blade itself is Laminated Western Red Cedar with a carbon fiber blade!

sawyer paddles oars fishing fish kayak whitewater inflatable

Features a modern-looking blade profile for efficient downriver strokes. Can make quick adjustments and moves on the water. Can dig in when necessary for more power. 

The bomber paddle features an open oval straight shaft for easy blade indexing, a full perimeter Dynel Tough Edge for knuckle dragging and boulder blocking, and our heavy-duty TiteSet breakdown system. A solid, fail safe connection that won't rattle or jam.

sawyer oars kayak inflatable paddleFeatures:

  • Carbon fiber whitewater inflatable kayak paddle
  • Straight Shaft w/heavy-duty TiteSet breakdown system
  • Laminated Western Red Cedar V-Lam and carbon fiber blade
  • Modern freestyle/river running profile
  • Fiberglass blade reinforcement
  • Full perimeter Dynel Tough Edge Protection


  • Blade offset: 30° RH Control Standard (customization available)
  • Available lengths: 210cm to 240cm
  • Blade dimensions: 8.5" W x 19" L
  • Average weight: 2.5 lbs

Optional Pro-Tip Upgrade

pro tip kevlar paddle sawyer

Protect your paddle from rocks and other rough surfaces with a Dynel and Kevlar Pro-Tip. This tip protection also provides a bit of extra grip when pushing off obstacles.

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