Hot Marabou Spey | Chris Mann

These are a pair of BRIGHT, in your face marabou Spey flies from Deke Meyer. These patterns were devised for use on the fisheries of the Great Lakes but many of the modern West Coast patterns are of the same mould. 

Hot Orange Marabou Spey

hot orange marabou spey fly

Body: Hot orange Estaz

Hackle: Hot orange marabou wound

Collar: Hot orange dyed guinea fowl

Head: Black

Hot Pink Marabou Spey

hot pink marabou spey fly body hackle collar head

Body: Hot pink Estaz

Hackle: Hot pink marabou wound

Collar: Red dyed guinea fowl

Head: Black


Taken from: The Complete Illustrated Directory of Salmon & Steelhead Flies
See an exhaustive list of gorgeous salmon & steelhead flies in a coffee-table style hardbound, beautiful fly pattern book.

complete illustrated encyclopedia salmon & steelhead flies fly


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